mi dentistry handbook cover

A lot has been written about MI dentistry, but one issue still remains largely unaddressed: how can a general practitioner integrate MI into their daily practise?

In 2008, well aware of this issue, GC Europe created a pan-European group of top-level academics, researchers and general practitioners (GPs) specialising in MI dentistry. This board developed a treatment plan for the integration of the MI philosophy into routine dental practise. The MI Treatment Plan was introduced in 2009 and since then there have been numerous related publications, lectures, workshops, and implementations of MI dentistry in curricula all across Europe

In February 2017, the board presented the MI Handbook, which incorporates the most up-to-date knowledge in this ever-evolving field, at the MI World Symposium in Tokyo. The handbook delivers solid and clear guidelines to clinicians for MI treatments and planning, which depend on the patient’s caries susceptibility. MI is the modern ‘medical’ approach to the management of caries and its very simple principles are to:

  • Identify and assess any potential caries risk factors early
  • Prevent caries occurring by eliminating or minimising risk factors
  • Restore demineralised enamel and protect against further damage
  • Offer patients recall periods depending on caries susceptibility

MI Handbook further classifies the treatment plan based on the different groups of patients. MI Early care (children 0-14 years), MI Active Care (for patients 14 years and above) and MI Care Plus (for the older adults, pregnant women and special needs).

The MI Handbook, is a comprehensive overview of MI principles and a guide to help the general dental practitioner to apply MI dentistry in their routine practice !

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