MI dentistry application conseuro 2019
A new mobile cross-platform application for caries risk assessment.

Caries Risk Assessment (CRA) supports clinical decision making by assigning risk scores to patients based on weighted patient- and tooth-level factors. For on such CRA, a mobile application MyCAMBRA (Caries management by Risk Assessment, UCSF and Firsthand Technology), was previously constructed on iOS. We here aim to describe the development and implementation of a new CRA mobile application...

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MI dentistry handbook ids 2017
MI (Minimally Invasive) Dentistry Handbook

Minimum Intervention dentistry or MI dentistry, is the modern ‘medical’ approach to the management of caries and its principles are very simple.
The MI Dentistry Handbook is the culmination of years of discussions among academics and professionals about how minimum intervention dental care can succeed in a modern dental practice in any setting.

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